Letter from Art in Action - 30th May 2010

30th May 2010

Hi  Lara,

We used some of the money from Everyone Counts to buy a tshirt printing machine and start a business. The business is mostly  supporting Sabelo (the teacher) as he has no other income and volunteers his time to teach the group. He is now printing tshirts and selling them, they are being sold as far as Australia as I am promoting them and selling them here. The Everyone Counts money really helped by funding the start up costs of the business, we would not have been able to buy all the equipment we needed without the money. 

We also used some of the money to take the kids on an excursion to the Bat Centre. At the Bat Centre they saw different types of artwork and met artists who told them more about life as an artist and the different techniques they use. There was also a poetry session happening at the Bat Centre on the same day so they got to see the poetry as well. 

Some of the money was used to buy paints. Recently the group have been painting on walls instead of canvases. The reason for this is so that the community can see the group and to promote art in the community. 

Some of the money is still in the bank and we will use it as needed to buy art materials for the group.

I have attached a letter acknowledging receipt of the money and outlining how it has been spent.

I’m in Australia at the moment but I have been in touch with Sabelo and it sounds like the group is going really well.


Posted 30th May by everyONEcounts