Email from Jane Digby - 11th December 2011

From time to time we've had requests from potential buyers who have wanted to commission an artist whom they've come across through everyONEcounts. 

We've been happy to pass on the artist details to the client and in this instance received this wonderful mail back from the artist who had agreed to pay across a small percentage of the sale to everyONEcounts.

We also had a phone-call from the client to say how totally pleased she was.


From: Jane 

Sent: 29 November 2011 13:31

Subject: RE: Commission to do a Portrait


Dear Lara

Thank you for introducing me to this client.  I have painted her commission of Ethan and received the monies for the painting. I am delighted to inform you that she was happy with the painting.   I would like to confirm that I will be paying a percentage into the everyONEcounts account later today.  I have attached an image of the painting (though realize that photographs often bring out certain colours more than others).


Many many thanks Lara

And wishing you and your family a very happy festive season.



Jane Digby

Jane Digby Oil Paintings

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