Email from Gill - June 2010

From: Dick/Gill 
Sent: 09 June 2010 17:44
Subject: My thanks
Dear Lara,
I am just so humbled by the fact that I have been able to assist in a small way with your special project. Everyone counts is an inspiration to so many of us artists and to many who are not artists as well.  “Everyone” that I speak to is enthusiastic about the idea that we have come out and done something so pro active, the problem of little babies being abandoned is a problem that many are aware of but not able to even conceive of any way in which to help and there you come along with this inspiration for all of us.  You and your team has really given a special meaning to the work we do thank you for the opportunity, I would like to suggest that perhaps this initiative continues long after the World Cup and possibly become a bi-annual event.
Thank you again, wishing you God’s Blessing and much success.
Love Gill.

Gill Van Wyk -  A Light in the Dark

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