Email from Moray - December 2011

From: Moray Comrie
Sent: 13 April 2010 16:53

Hi Lara,

The figures in the painting are my wife André and younger son Graeme. The image is based on a photograph I took of them early one morning during a beach holiday (we live in Maritzburg).

The painting is not a straight copy of the photograph. For the setting I used a rock formation at Umzumbe that I have sketched and painted many times. I am not sure what the painting itself conveys, but I wanted a shoreline with a hint of both protectiveness and challenge to it.

 Not long after the photograph was taken André was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a radical bilateral mastectomy and, because of the age of our then young family (Graeme is our younger son) was subjected to the most extreme chemotherapy and radiation treatment available to medical science at the time.  So yes, the image of a mother and her child facing an insecure future has a certain real poignancy for us.

Fortunately André has survived, thanks to the doctors and even more to wise nutritional supplementation, and she is working hard to share what she knows with others at risk from cancer and other diseases.

Graeme is now a graduate student in England having completed a journalism degree at Rhodes. He has completed his Master’s degree in Writing for the Media at Bournemouth University, graduating with distinction and winning the prize for the best script of his year

Best wishes,