North Durban Principal's Conference

This Thursday 20 Feb, Angela & I made our way down to the very picturesque Pumula Beach Hotel on the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal where we managed to secure a slot at the North Durban Principals’ Conference.

This was a very important talk, as we believe that if E1C doesn’t get support from the management in schools our E1C @ schools campaign will not be as successful as it could be. I started the talk off by talking about the origins of everyONEcounts and the involvement of my students in the first and second campaigns. Angela followed by outlining the main features of our next campaign, E1C @ schools, & the importance of school children getting involved in our campaign; either by benefiting directly from the campaign by becoming aware of threats in our society or alternatively making a contribution themselves by creating a butterfly.  

 Joan (e1c) presenting to the school prinicipals

Joan (e1c) presenting to the school prinicipals

Human trafficking is a reality in the contemporary world & just because we think it might not be happening in our “neck of the woods” doesn't mean we can be complacent.

I am sure that as Angela approaches the Durban North schools she will get the support we need from these schools.

Joan Martin