Human Trafficking Forum @ Botanic Gardens, Durban SA - April 2013

Bridget, Dawn and Angela attended the Human Trafficking Open Forum held at the Botanic Gardens on Tuesday 16th April 2013. The last of its kind was held in 2011.

It was an incredibly heart-breaking yet hopeful session. Heart-breaking as we listened to the reality of what one human being is capable of doing to another, hopeful as we then heard from many of the committed individuals and groups who are using their voices, talents, finances and, in all cases, their hearts, to speak on behalf of those who can’t - the faceless, nameless and often forgotten, victims of Human Trafficking. 

We were there representing everyONEcounts. We listened to each other and shared our stories, in the silent hope that the good news would encourage all there to continue inspired with the work they are doing.

This experience was yet another confirmation, that our everyONEcounts campaign impacts the very heart of society.

Join us and stand on behalf of those who can’t.

- Angela McCall

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