everyONEcounts at Kearsney

Kearsney as a school has embarked on providing a platform where all the arts from a variety of high schools can meet and display and perform.  The year is broken up to soak up the five facets of the arts: through an Art Exhibition, Music, Drama, Dance and Words.  Shelley McLaine was this years fantastic opening speaker.

As I arrived for the opening of their art exhibition on the 10th March, I was pleasantly welcomed by the large artwork that art teacher Glenda Pitcher had got her pupils to do for our latest everyoONEcounts campaign...speakART against human trafficking.  Next to it was a lovely story about how she had interpreted it using butterflies, the everyONEcounts logo for schools wanting to participate .

We really appreciate the support from Kearsney. Thank you so much.

- Ana Pereira De Vlieg