C&A Art Shop supports e1c - June 2013

I dropped off some flyers with Ashika from C & A Art and was welcomed with such warmth. 

Ashika already had artists working on the project and suggested I return to run a morning of fun for artists wanting to participate in everyONEcounts latest campaign of speakArt against human trafficking.

Just around the corner I found Rene Rutgers at work on the styling of a ladies hair. He was touched by the personal postcard that the e1c team had given him and has whole heartily supported the latest campaign . Indeed, just two days later this artist appeared on my doorstep with not one but three fantastic works of art.

Look out for them. They won't be for sale for too long I am sure.

Apologies for the blurry photograph... but it does remind one of the wonder of an art shop filled with the most delicious textures, paints and all sorts every artist likes to be surrounded by. This is what I call... my type of shopping.   - Ana de Vlieg