Email from Tracy - 23 April 2010

From: Pass
Sent: 23 April 2010 11:44
Subject: Re: everyONEcounts

Lara,  I cried when I received this email if my buying this painting helps only one 
abandoned baby it is all worth it!!!  Thank you for all you do.

Marizia Pinkham - Small Beginnings - Oil on Canvas

Email from Moray - December 2011

From: Moray Comrie
Sent: 13 April 2010 16:53

Hi Lara,

The figures in the painting are my wife André and younger son Graeme. The image is based on a photograph I took of them early one morning during a beach holiday (we live in Maritzburg).

The painting is not a straight copy of the photograph. For the setting I used a rock formation at Umzumbe that I have sketched and painted many times. I am not sure what the painting itself conveys, but I wanted a shoreline with a hint of both protectiveness and challenge to it.

 Not long after the photograph was taken André was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a radical bilateral mastectomy and, because of the age of our then young family (Graeme is our younger son) was subjected to the most extreme chemotherapy and radiation treatment available to medical science at the time.  So yes, the image of a mother and her child facing an insecure future has a certain real poignancy for us.

Fortunately André has survived, thanks to the doctors and even more to wise nutritional supplementation, and she is working hard to share what she knows with others at risk from cancer and other diseases.

Graeme is now a graduate student in England having completed a journalism degree at Rhodes. He has completed his Master’s degree in Writing for the Media at Bournemouth University, graduating with distinction and winning the prize for the best script of his year

Best wishes,


"Play Money" by Joan Martin - December 2012

I asked Joan to tell us about her thinking and process behind making this fabulous works. Online you're not really able to appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship ... they really are beautiful.  

I started making this series (Play Money) in response to the new everyONEcounts campaign against human trafficking. The brief is to make an artwork 30 x 20cm on an unframed support. Not having worked in fabric before, I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to play around with different materials. 

Finding a solution to this theme was difficult – I knew I didn’t want to depict any particular person so I started by looking for images of children that I could turn into a silhouette shape & found this image of a little girl Since most of the motivation behind human trafficking is money, I thought it appropriate that the silhouette of the little girl is made out of a ten Rand note. (I scanned a note & then transferred it on to fabric using acrylic medium.)  The presence of the rhino (found on the front of the ten Rand note) is also important in this work as it points to another form of trafficking in our society. In the first two pieces I outlined the rhino’s horn in black - this cuts quite violently into the silhouette of the little girl. 

In all three pieces I have stitched bread tags on to the background, the expiry dates with the red crosses stitched over them add another layer of meaning to this artwork. 

In the backgrounds of the three pieces I have added tea bags, buttons, old embroidery projects and in one the head of Botticelli’s Venus (this was on the front of an item of clothing I used to wear). The domestic setting suggested by this paraphernalia, contrasts sharply to the theme of the exploitation of children for profit.      

When I was finishing off Play Money 2, I accidentally burnt the face of the Venus. I was at first horrified & then thought it appropriate considering the theme.

Joan Martin - Play Money 1,2 and 3 - Fabric and ephemera - 2012



New works in and more works Sold - February 2013

everyONEcounts Campaign

against Human Trafficking 
NEW Works in
more works SOLD

Right:  This fabulous work from Karen Bradtke has just arrived. Isn't it fantastic, and very clever too.  It's titled "Fallen Pawn".  Love it !!

New Works Arriving Daily !
Keep a lookout for new works on the website and on Facebook

We're always delighted to receive works and as many different personalities and tastes as there are, so are there styles.  Each work is received gratefully and represents the artist's stand against the tragedy of human trafficking.  

We can't all 'take to the streets' to fight crime or counsel victims, but we each can create an item of craft or purchase a work to help assist those who are.

I'm off to collect more works now and hope to have them photographed and up soon for viewing, and for sale.

Need more info? Contact me here with great pleasure.

Latest works SOLD !
Remember:  the full amount paid for the art goes directly to the beneficiary.

Thank you to the recent buyers of these works below.

Your contribution will assist the incredible people who bravely do what they do to combat human trafficking.

All artworks sold and unsold will form part of the exhibition!

Want to view more works? See the Artworks tab on the website here.

Di Van Wyk - Strange Places  i   Mixed Media on Paper

Di Van Wyk - Strange Places  i
Mixed Media on Paper

Di Van Wyk - Waiting for the Taxi  Mixed Media on Paper    

Di Van Wyk - Waiting for the Taxi

Mixed Media on Paper   

Lara Mellon - Gentle Care   Transfer and Oil on Canvas

Lara Mellon - Gentle Care
Transfer and Oil on Canvas

Thirty Thousand donated to The Open Door Crisis Centre - December 2012

On Friday 7th December 2012, everyONEcounts was delighted to hand over a cheque of THIRTY THOUSAND RAND to the Director of The Open Door Crisis Care Centre, Thora Mansfield.  

Spear-heading this campaign, Director Angela McCall and some of her team members said that there was much excitement at the centre upon receiving the donation.

Thora said that the Christmas period is generally a difficult time financially for the centre, so the staff was absolutely thrilled with the donation. 

A wonderful opportunity to contribute in a tangible way to the fight against Human Trafficking. 

Article in The Mercury - 22nd November 2012

Thanks to Patrick Compton for a great article in The Mercury, and to all those who are responding so positively.  


Art to fight human trafficking scourge - Patrick Compton

Human trafficking, one of the scourges of the modern world, is the focus of the latest campaign of the socially conscious Durban art group, everyONEcounts.
In its last campaign, everyONEcounts - founded by local artist Lara Mellon - raised nearly R300 000 for Shepherd's Keep, the home for abandoned babies on the Bluff in Durban.
An online exhibition of artworks, which is currently being assembled, will culminate in a real exhibition on Human Rights Day (March 21) next year.
The organisation was alerted to its new cause earlier this year after two girls disappeared from their homes in Durban.  It subsequently met with a number of organisations involved in the fight against human trafficking.
Following these meetings, everyONEcounts decided to help two of the groups, Red Light, based at The Rock Christian Church in uMhlanga, and The Open Door Crisis Care Centre, a counselling, training and advisory centre with headquarters in Pinetown and branches in Hammarsdale and Maraiannridge.
The centre works closely with Red Light, whose objectives are to create social awareness of the prevalence of human trafficking in our communities.
"Most of the girls are on drugs," said Open Door director Thora Mansfield, "which is the only way that they can deal with the daily trauma of their lives.  The centre assists them with psychological counselling and developing post-rehabilitation life skills.
"We are passionate about the psychological side - everyone really does count.  If we can make a difference in just one girl's life and equip her to move from victim to victorious then we have fulfilled our vision."
Human trafficking occurs mostly to support sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, forced marriage and the sale of organs or body parts.  The more vulnerable a group, the more susceptible they will be to being manipulated and becoming victims of trafficking. 
Mellon said that everyONEcounts hoped to use art as a means of awareness so that "our artworks will speak in solidarity for a humanity that should be good and pure, honourable and noble, hopeful and beautiful".
There are no restrictions on theme, but artists are asked to keep the size of their unframed, unmounted works to 30cm x 20cm.
Works can be in oil, acrylic or fabric painted, embroidered, appliqued, stitched, beaded or printed (including photographs) on canvas, calico, cotton, sheeting or the like.
Artists are asked to submit their work as soon as possible to be loaded on to the website and made available for sale.  Artworks will be sold for R400 each.
Post artworks to Privat Bag X02, Durban North 4016  For more information, email Angela McCall at 

Mugs, Tees, Postcards and lots more to come - 13th September 2012

I thought to let you all know that we have something very exciting in the pipeline, so  ... watch this space :-)

The artworks coming in are looking wonderful and pretty soon now we'll have them available for viewing and purchase from the e-shop ... 

Also, thanks for all the mails of support and encouragement and new subscriptions too .... we know it's going to be an exciting campaign.


Cottage Patch Guild of Quilters - 10th December 2010

The Cottage Patch Guild of quilters have donated 15 beautiful handmade quilts to everyONEcounts, who in turn have donated these to Shepherd's Keep. 

The guild was hoping to donate one large quilt to be auctioned at the exhibition at The Quays but with too little time, it was decided to make smaller quilts for the babies to use. The quilts were handed over to everyONEcounts from their stand at the Highland's Gathering in Amanzimtoti on Saturday 30th April 2010. 

We could hardly believe the beauty of these quilts, which have all been hand crafted. "They don't make them like they used to". The Cottage Patch Quilters Guild was established in about 2002. 

The guild meet once a month in a community hall, where they make quilts for charity. They started off very small but soon blossomed where they currently consist of thirty ladies who give of their time. 

They have to raffle quilts to pay for fabrics and find it very difficult as the cost of supplies is very expensive but say that "somehow" they always manage. Margaret Bubb of the guild says "It would be nice to receive a little help with donations of fabric to assist them with the fabulous work that they do. 

If you have off cuts of fabric, samples from swatches, or realms of cotton and or batting or can assist in any other way to keep these wonderful women crafting these beautiful work please be in contact with Margaret on 083 489 1273.

Email from Jane Digby - 11th December 2011

From time to time we've had requests from potential buyers who have wanted to commission an artist whom they've come across through everyONEcounts. 

We've been happy to pass on the artist details to the client and in this instance received this wonderful mail back from the artist who had agreed to pay across a small percentage of the sale to everyONEcounts.

We also had a phone-call from the client to say how totally pleased she was.


From: Jane 

Sent: 29 November 2011 13:31

Subject: RE: Commission to do a Portrait


Dear Lara

Thank you for introducing me to this client.  I have painted her commission of Ethan and received the monies for the painting. I am delighted to inform you that she was happy with the painting.   I would like to confirm that I will be paying a percentage into the everyONEcounts account later today.  I have attached an image of the painting (though realize that photographs often bring out certain colours more than others).


Many many thanks Lara

And wishing you and your family a very happy festive season.



Jane Digby

Jane Digby Oil Paintings

082 486 2126

Our Second Campaign Launched - 2nd June 2012

We've just launched our second campaign:  The everyONEcounts Campaign against Human Trafficking


For a long time now our attention keeps finding its way to human trafficking … particularly of children!
The cruelty, the viciousness  and ruthlessness is on all levels too unbearable to imagine … the evil that grabs, beats, drugs and rapes our children before throwing them into a life of brutal and horrific prostitution and slavery … into a nightmare world that rips, tears and destroys ... !
Through the vehicle of art we again will bring about an AWARENESS… where our works will speak in SOLIDARITY for a humanity that is and should be good, and pure, honourable and noble … hopeful and beautiful.
So for all those keen to participate by way of an artwork, we’ll be hosting an online exhibition of works culminating in a final exhibition from the 29thNov to the 2ndDecember 2013 at a venue to be confirmed.

The Beneficiary of this Campaign will be announced soon ...
For updates and news visit Facebook and our website - and see the detailed Brief below for the full spec.

and remember,

See the Artist Brief for details - EVERYONE can participate

Letter from Art in Action - 30th May 2010

30th May 2010

Hi  Lara,

We used some of the money from Everyone Counts to buy a tshirt printing machine and start a business. The business is mostly  supporting Sabelo (the teacher) as he has no other income and volunteers his time to teach the group. He is now printing tshirts and selling them, they are being sold as far as Australia as I am promoting them and selling them here. The Everyone Counts money really helped by funding the start up costs of the business, we would not have been able to buy all the equipment we needed without the money. 

We also used some of the money to take the kids on an excursion to the Bat Centre. At the Bat Centre they saw different types of artwork and met artists who told them more about life as an artist and the different techniques they use. There was also a poetry session happening at the Bat Centre on the same day so they got to see the poetry as well. 

Some of the money was used to buy paints. Recently the group have been painting on walls instead of canvases. The reason for this is so that the community can see the group and to promote art in the community. 

Some of the money is still in the bank and we will use it as needed to buy art materials for the group.

I have attached a letter acknowledging receipt of the money and outlining how it has been spent.

I’m in Australia at the moment but I have been in touch with Sabelo and it sounds like the group is going really well.


Posted 30th May by everyONEcounts