2012 - 2013

Our beneficiaries for this campaign are Open Door Crisis Care Centre and Red Light.  

Both are registered PBO's who are regularly audited and SARS compliant.

These orgainisations work diligently against the plight of human trafficking and have made a difference in so many lives already.

For more information on these organisations visit:

Open Door Crisis Care Centre on Facebook
Open Door Crisis Care Centre 

Red LIght Human Trafficking on Facebook
Red Light 


The Baby House 

received beautiful hand made quilts from The Cottage Patch Guild of quilters who previously had donated 15 quilts to Shepherd's Keep.  

To read more about The Baby House, click here or find them on their Facebook page



Art in Action is an initiative aimed at exposingartists in the Valley of 1000 Hills South Africa. Art in Action is about empowering, training and equipping artists to generate an income from their work.You can see the works that were exhibited at the everyONEcounts exhibition on our Facebook page or you can read more about Art in Action here.  

During the campaign, we were approached by Katie Blundy from Art-In-Action who donated twenty artworks which we displayed as a panel at the e1c exhibition at The Quays. A very generous businessman bought the entire panel of works to display in his boardroom. This donation was in turn donated back to the Art-In-Action group to purchase a T-shirt printer which will enable them to generate a sustainable income to assist them in their community projects.

On handing the donation to Art-in-Action at the close of the exhibition, we invited all the participating members to join us for a ceremony where we handed over beautiful certificates and goody bags for each of the young artists which included a full set of paints, paint brushes and other edible nick nacks ... generously donated by individual members of everyONEcounts and from a substantial donation from the Rotaract Club of Durban.

Read their thank you letter to e1c here.


Shepherd's Keep was the beneficiary of the full amount of monies raised from the sale of just under 300 of the artworks received totaling in just under Three Hundred Thousand Rands. 

To read more about the home, please select this link

Fifteen beautiful hand made quilts were donated from The Cottage Patch Guild of Quilters. You can read more about them on our blog.