Colleen Hamer - Untitled - Oil on Canvas - Sold

Colleen Hamer - Untitled - Oil on Canvas - Sold

The Launch Campaign, 2010 - in aid of abandoned babies

The first everyONEcounts Exhibition 
held at The Quays, Durban Point Waterfront, Durban, South Africa

Our aim was to bring awareness to the plight of abandoned babies, mostly new borns who have been 'discarded' down toilets, pits; often found ant-eaten and starved, left alone in open fields, on dumps... and shockingly tied up and thrown away alive in black bags, sometimes even left along highways to be driven over by passing cars.

The project, in the form of an exhibition of donated artworks, sought to bring the attention to these abandoned babies needs. 

ALL WORKS including those that were sold beforehand, were exhibited from the 25th November - 17th December 2010 at The Quays on Timeball, at the Durban Point Waterfront Click Here to see the photos.

Artists from around the world pledged their support, each donating an artwork of 30cm x 30cm collaborating in ONE exhibition where each work was available for sale for ONE thousand SA Rands (no more, no less - regardless of status and standing, where each and every ONE is just as valuable regardless of talent and gifting) ... where everyONEcounts.

Colleen Hamer - Untitled - Oil on Canvas - Sold

In addition to all those who assisted directly with the exhibition, we were fortunate to have a team of amazing Comrades Runners who raised funds for everyONEcounts project.  View our Comrades runners who raised funds for us on the day.